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Fan A Cake

The # 1 must-have party favor for all cake celebrations
Our Story 

We love cake just as much as most people. But we’ve always had a “pet peeve” about the potential germs left behind when someone blew out the cake candles. We imagine we are not alone in this! And in today’s world with the increased hypersensitivity about germs and being sanitary, we knew this was the perfect time to introduce Fan A CakeTM to the world - the #1 must-have party favor - to ensure a safe and sanitary way to celebrate with family, friends & loved ones.

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Our Products
  • The sanitary way to blow out your cake candles

  • The NEW Birthday Cake tradition

  • Easy to use

  • High quality material

  • Cool, fun and reliable


$2.99 per fan

$4.99 /2 pack